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Talonite, a mining specialist community-based business, is dedicated to optimizing the value chain. We leverage modern, cost-effective methodologies and scalable technology platforms to enhance efficiency and maximize value.


What we do

At our core, we drive optimization for mining customers by focusing on key areas in the value chain and implementing cutting-edge OT solutions to deliver tangible value. Our expertise spans from the orebody to load and haul, processing, and maintenance. We craft targeted digital solutions tailored to your key objectives, whether it be cost optimization, yield improvement, safety, or reliability.

We journey alongside our customers, implementing only the most effective solutions for value realization. Our commitment doesn’t end with implementation; we measure the value realized to ensure a sustainable and impactful service.

Our offering

Smart mining

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Improve Safety

Improve Utilization

Minimize Downtime

Improve Reliability

Ore bodies

We have crafted solutions to solve challenging mining conditions. We use innovative techniques proven to extract more minerals at even better profit margins. We specialise in steep dips in the Bushveld Igneous Complex.

Load and haul

Our implementation methodology and mining platform together with our Kaizen based approach ensures we wire efficient loading and hauling into your open pit DNA. Our platform integrates with most production network brands in the market catering for mixed OEM fleet scenarios. Data driven production management, and operator behaviour and attitude are the two main ingredients for achieving more safe tons at an optimized cost.


Our CAS platform is new and modern as well as L9 compliant. Built in South Africa, tested for underground and open pit conditions we believe this new modern solution substantiates a thorough evaluation by your safety people.

Our offering

Smart Processing

Optimize Energy Consumption

Optimize Throughput

Optimize Quality / Yield

Improve Visibility

Improve Reliability

Improve Safety

Advanced Process Control

Across most mineral commodities we find processing plants that run 24×7 since their commissioning dates. These plants have many challenges. Amongst others is downtime, variances in yield, overloads, energy wastage etc. Our Advanced Process Control platform integrates with your existing control system (PLC/SCADA) to solve these problems with low cost and high gain. We have a proven track record with improved mineral recoveries, plant and process stabilisation and improved throughput and energy consumption.

Process Optimization

Dynamic/steady-state modeling & simulations determine optimal operating regimes. Implemented recommendations lead to significant performance improvement.

Data Management

Improve data access & reduce costs for mining & process industries, making interaction seamless to improve productivity.

Process and Equipment Performance Management

Reporting solutions that use the latest technology to roll up process data in readily accessible summaries, rapidly identifying sub-optimal performance.

Our offering

Smart Maintenance

Reduce unplanned maintenance

Increase planned maintenance

Predictive condition based

Prediction time based

Workforce attitude

Condition Based Maintenance

What will bring a step change in asset management is a journey to prevention and predictive capabilities. Most of our customers have control systems (CNI) SCADA in their plants with at least 33% of the assets that are “new” on the market with the ability to be connected and ability to send vitals/health information.

Yet these are never exploited. Even more customers have moving machines underground and in open pit mine operations also with the ability to transmit health parameters which unfortunately are also not harnessed. Often the answers to “why not CBM” questions are met with prohibitive costs related answers.

By doing some work on “cost of downtime” business cases for primary sets of assets we find that customers are embracing these projects now more than ever. Our approach involved co-crafting journeys with smaller sets of key assets to be moved to these modern maintenance practices, platforms and principles.

Our offering

Supportive Technology and Services

Integrated Operations Centers (IOC’s)

Networks and Connectivity

OT Strategy and Advisory

OT Managed Services

Integrated Operations Centers (IOC’s)

Integrated Operations Centers are not merely big glass buildings with massive wide screens. IOC’s that enable step change performance improvements start with humble beginnings. Co-crafting from thin-slice integration points from pit to port where information reliability and people buy-in is key success factors.


Underground and Pit network infrastructure acts as the arteries and blood vessels of any mine. We provide highly resilient network infrastructure for harsh environments to enable more effective operations through efficient communication.

OT Strategy and Advisory

With a wealth of experience in implementing and running operational technology environments, our team can assist in devising your OT Strategy and advise on best practices to run a stable and efficient OT Environment.

OT Managed Services

Managing an OT environment requires a different approach to traditional IT. We are experienced in applying tailored practices for managing OT Applications and Infrastructure to ensure optimal availability and reliability of the technology supporting your operations.

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